deep evolving pipeline

We originate proprietary investment opportunities via our global reach through:

  • Global personal and professional relationships with medical researchers
  • Our global links into private medical research
  • Our global links into universities & institutions
  • Our strict heart / lung / chronic focus

We have assessed and reviewed over 100 opportunities in the past 18 months.



current pipeline

Our pipeline is constantly updated as new technology opportunities emerge and others are removed as they do not meet our investment criteria.



under assessment

27 technologies

8 technologies

19 technologies




6 technologies

2 technologies

5 technologies



the quantum process


We are solely focussed on medical technologies that specialise in the cardiovascular, respiratory and chronic disease sectors.


We target early to mid-stage technologies, where we can see a demonstrable global competitive advantage, a pathway to commercialisation, and the intellectual property can be secured.

Initial Screening

We screen for technologies that offer breakthrough innovations, targeting unmet market needs whilst identifying the technology patent status and the size of the targeted marketplace.


Asset Evaluation

We then look deeper to determine the viability, the technology IP status, the economic life cycle and the market size.

Due Diligence –Phase 1

The Medical Advisory panel evaluates the clinical need, technology, technical feasibility and delivers a market evaluation.

Due Diligence -Phase 2

The Investment Management team then assess the people and the IP. Consider and evaluate the market place, the companies forward strategy, funding requirements and the resources required for market implementation.


Final Term Sheet

This is where we discuss terms covering controls and capital funding.


Once the terms are agreed, we present our decision to the Investment Committee for their support. If their support is granted, then we can proceed.

Sometimes it is not granted, which reflects their view that the timing of this opportunity isn’t right for the portfolio, and in this case, we will decline to get further involved.

Active Management to Exit

The Quantum team supports all the companies we invest in. We actively manage and monitor their performance, technology development, and maintain an eye on risk. By working alongside these companies, we provide the support and expertise to aid them to reach commercialisation and global market implementation.




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