When considering potential new investments we look at ESG factors as well. The evaluation of the non-financial characteristics of a potential investment is fundamental to our investment approach and so the inclusion of environmental, social and governance aspects of a potential investment forms a natural part of our due diligence and in support of this, Quantum will be a signatory to UNPRI.

We score an entity across the three standards. Some examples of our areas of questioning and assessment are below.



  • Emissions impact assessment
  • Natural resource impacts assessment
  • Waste impact assessment / product recycling potential
  • Understanding of the materials involved in the manufacture (particularly level of plastics in componentry)
  • Environmental considerations in manufacturing assessment



  • Workplace trends –staff turnover, staff satisfaction scores
  • Whistle-blower policy
  • Appropriateness of remuneration arrangements
  • Workplace health and safety is appropriately assessed and managed on a regular basis
  • Social benefits potential (eg level of healthcare improvement, capacity to save lives, affordability, etc.)


  • Performance-based management remuneration
  • Suitability and independence of the proposed governance structure
  • Taxation structure ensuring that the structures do not promote tax avoidance
  • Security of the technology –patent protection, cyber security structures, etc
  • Appropriateness of key relationships between government, research institutes, management and shareholders



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