quantum's differentiation in the new technology conundrum:
what makes us unique?




Minor improvements to existing technologies do not inspire consumer change.

Many 'medical innovations' are no more than iterative improvements to existing practices and so struggle to properly commercialise.


quantum's approach:

Invested technologies must represent a “quantum leap” in patient outcomes.

Must be a technology that will influence the key decision makers: patient and medical practitioners.

Our medical advisory board and our global medical access to allows Quantum to critically assess prospects against this key “market uptake” criteria.

We believe that Quantum is globally unique in its absolute focus on medical technology in the cardiovascular, respiratory and chronic spaces.

We have yet to identify a competitor with a similar focus and global reach.


quantum's competitive advantage

As a specialist medical technology Investment Manager, Quantum brings together a series of unique features:


World renowned medical specialists and industry veterans in cardiovascular, respiratory and chronic medicine


Track record in medical technology development and commercialisation


Unprecedented access to high value and unique transformational technologies


Addresses a major gap in medical technology commercial development funding globally


Each technology to be actively managed by Quantum - through its controlling influence, Quantum drives innovation through capital, commercial expertise and support to its early to mid-stage investments




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