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med-tech is a rapidly evolving global market


There is a significant demand for medical solutions including devices and platforms to make access and delivery to the patients more user-friendly, streamlined and efficient. The disruption of technology has provided an enormous opportunity to increase efficiency, precision and the quality of patient care.

We address the critical funding gap in early to mid-stage med-tech, providing capital solutions to innovation and the development of high performance and efficient medical technology delivering quality patient care for generations to come.




We focus on game changing medical innovations.

Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Chronic Diseases are areas with enormous clinical needs globally.

We use our global network to assess the significant healthcare gaps in these areas.

More than 40% of people aged 45 and older have multiple chronic conditions.

We work with medical and innovation leaders through our Medical Advisory Panel to identify med-tech solutions.



Cardiovascular (Heart)

Med-tech solutions in the cardiovascular market are broad, covering everything from pacemakers, heart valves and stents, through to wearable monitoring, recording and diagnostic technologies. These can be coupled with AI systems to support clinician monitoring and patient compliance with medications and cardiac rehabilitation.


Respiratory (Lung)

Respiratory disease is currently the third most common cause of death, and its incidence is set to rise due to an aging population and rising obesity. Unless a patient’s condition becomes critical, the majority of these conditions can be treated at home; therefore smarter med-tech devices that can be used more effectively at home are key to this market’s growth.


Chronic Disease

Developed economies are witnessing an increase in chronic diseases (e.g. ischaemic heart disease, diabetes, etc) which is exacerbated by urbanisation, changing diets and lifestyle choices associated with rising incomes. “Smart” AI systems and wearable devices support clinician monitoring to assist in disease management.  



quantum medical innovation fund overview

Fund Allocation


Investment allocations range between $15m to $20m per company


Investment with Experts


Investments are managed by a unique blend of medical specialists, legal, funds management and capital market professionals




We diversify our portfolio into early to mid-stage technologies which solve problems in the cardiovascular, respiratory and chronic medical sectors


High potential technologies


Technologies must demonstrate achievable technology innovation, have more than $500m Total Addressable Market, be well-understood and have timely pathways to regulatory approvals


Post-investment support


Quantum actively works with portfolio companies providing an ecosystem of commercial expertise and support services directly


Unique deal flow


Quantum benefits from its established network of world-renowned medical specialists.

Over 100 proprietary technologies reviewed to date – over 50 in current pipeline


Tax & funding efficient


A registered Venture Capital Limited Partnership with Innovation and Sciences Australia

Utilising a mix of investor funds, government grant funding and R&D tax rebates




track record


EV $3m

Initial Concept

Seed 'A' Funding: $1.25m


EV $17m

Proof of Concept completed

Technology patented

$2.0m raised + $1m total grants for prototype development & animal testing


EV $24m

Prototypes developed & refined

Further patents registered

Successful animal testing

Capital raise $7.5m for human trial, FDA registration


Projected EV $55m

Successful human trials completed

FDA registration as "Pivotal Breakthrough"

Progressing towards Pivotal Human trials & FDA approval of technology in 2021




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